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How to Keep Your Diamonds as Good as New

Rings are made out of very long lasting material and are tough. Diamonds are hard to destroy but you need to often keep them looking good and in perfect shape. For your diamond to hold its value, you need to keep it clean for hygiene purposes and aesthetic value. There’s an old saying that goes, with a great sparkle comes a great responsibility. The following are ways to keep your diamonds which are a huge investment for you.

  1. Keep yourself clean, not the ring

While taking a bath with your ring on, the soap form can make a film on the diamond making it not to glow and shine. Taking a bath or taking a dive into a swimming pool may force the ring off your finger down to the floor of the pool. You can choose to put in place a ring holder that will match well with your bathroom keeping your ring secured while you take that relaxing bath or swim.

  1. Handle it with care

A huge number of people don’t understand how to pick up a ring; they would often pick it up by the diamond instead of the band. Never ever make this mistake again since when you pick up the ring by the diamond there is a possibility of natural oils on your hands sticking on the diamonds setting difficult to clean and losing the diamonds setting.

  1. Don’t store mixed with other stones

When you store your diamond ring with other stones or metals may result to the diamond scratched. This ring is one your greatest investments thus you need to seclude a place solely for it or try and use a cloth to wrap around the diamond to avoid such marks on this valuable jewelry.

  1. Shun chemicals

There are numerous chemicals used for household chores and can cause catastrophic damage to your diamond ring. This includes cleaning agents, furniture products, hairspray, hair dye and also bleaching agents. Whenever you are such chemicals, make sure you take off your diamond ring or wear gloves. After you are done with these chemicals Brilliant Earth advices that you make sure you do a thorough cleaning of your hands before you place your diamond ring back on.

  1. Visit your local Jeweler

Your diamond ring requires you to keep a constant check-up with your local jeweler. Your local jeweler will have a close check on the diamond and perform a professional inspection, care and clean your diamond with an experienced touch. This way you will have done justice to your piece which is a huge investment.

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